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Located on Iron Works Pike just 5 minutes from the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY, Stone Columns Stables is a premier equestrian center that is a haven for the discriminating sport horse owner and breeder.


Offering 350 acres of the best fields in the Bluegrass at the Elmendorf location and 378 acres at the Rosemont location, Stone Columns Stables is setting a new standard of excellence for care and retirement, breeding and young horse development.

What They Say About Us:


International Grand Prix Dressage Trainer

 Stone Columns Stables did 

everything we could have asked to 

transition him from the high stress show environment to living in a herd.  


dr. cristina anzures gurria

Melanie is a real horse person, an advocate for the wellbeing of every animal. Incredibly objective and passionate about horses.


cyndi griffith
Horse Owner

Melanie is super attentive and really cares for the horses. She learns each horse personally and works with it to make sure they do their best while living at her farm.

Join the ranks of discriminating horsemen and horsewomen who are already enjoying Lexington's premium equestrian facility; give your horse the best care and the best fields in the Kentucky Bluegrass. 

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