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Meet Jeff and Melanie Ramey


Jeff Ramey


Jeff Ramey brings a lifetime of experience to the operations and business at Stone Columns Stables.  Jeff began his career over 30 years ago as a custom home and barn builder in Cincinnati, Ohio.  In fact, on the cover of the book, "The Most Beautiful Barns in America" is a sample of Jeff's stunning work. 

Jeff created Ramard, Inc. in 2006, now the leading nutraceutical company for equine and pet health, producing over 40 products used around the world and by 11 Olympic Equestrian Teams. A leader in his industry, Jeff works with top veterinarians and biochemists to bring to market cutting edge health and performance products.

Ramard, Inc. is headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky just minutes from the farm.

Jeff is an accomplished horseman in his own right.  He is an expert handler and has won multiple World Championships as a handler of weanling, yearling, and 2 year old Saddlebreds.   He is involved with the daily management at SCS and can be frequently found in one of the barns on any given day.

Melanie Ramey


Melanie has spent her life caring for and training horses as well as managing farms both large and small.  She has worked for and with top veterinarians and has successfully rehabilitated many sport horses.  She is frequently sought after for specialized wound care by top vets specifically dealing with summer sores on horses from South Florida. 

Her passion has always been the development of young horses for the amateur owner.  Known for her ability to "listen" to horses, she spent 20 years as an equine professional and then transitioned in 2011 into equestrian real estate and insurance and now competes as an amateur owner herself.

Now, as a successful realtor in both Wellington, FL and Lexington, KY, Melanie specializes in working for the discerning client.  Melanie also offers insurance services to her clients as a licensed agent with Jarvis Insurance Agency.


Melanie is hands-on with the staff at SCS in the daily care of all of the horses residing on the farm working to ensure all of them get the individualized care they deserve.


Why the Name "Stone Columns Stables"?

Stone Columns Stables is named after the four columns remaining from the grand mansion, called "Green Hills," that once stood on the Elmendorf location when the farm was owned by James Ben Ali Haggin.  Mr. Haggin was arguably one of the most influential people of the 19th century and his impact is still felt across the Bluegrass.


Elmendorf Farm, considered hallowed ground to many, was home to some very famous horses throughout history.  Fair Play and Mahubah, sire and dam of Man O' War lived here, as did multiple Kentucky Derby winners and Hall of Famers. Countless Stakes horses have graced these fields through the years. The stone columns atop the hill are a reminder of days gone by, and also a challenge to all those who step foot on this farm to become a champion in their own right and take their place in history among the legends who once lived here.


Learn more about the early history of Elmendorf farm  

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