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Committed to Excellence

Located on Iron Works Pike and Paris Pike just 5 minutes from the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY, Stone Columns Stables is a haven for the discriminating sport horse owner, competitor, and breeder.

Offering 365 acres of the best fields in the Bluegrass at the Elmendorf location and 378 acres at the Rosemont location, Stone Columns Stables is setting a new standard of excellence for care and retirement, breeding, rehabilitation, and young horse development.

Contact us today to discuss a customized plan for your horses and to reserve a spot on these historic farms, where your champion can now enjoy the same luscious fields that were once home to Kentucky Derby winners and Hall of Fame legends. 

 breeding care & young Horse development

Stone Columns Stables is uniquely positioned to facilitate the breeding of your mare, whether you use your own mare or a recipient mare. Broodmare boarding is also available. We are equipped to handle the process of producing your next champion from pregnancy to foaling, and all the way to weaning and training. Contact us today to discuss a customized plan for you horse.

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Jeff and Melanie Ramey own and operate Stone Columns Stables in Lexington, KY. Both accomplished horsemen, they are involved and hands-on in the daily care of all Stone Columns Stables resident horses to ensure they each receive the individualized care they deserve.

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